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New  Year’s  Camp  2021/2022 !


We are so sorry to let you know that we have had to cancel the camp for this year due to Covid!

The covid numbers are high, Omikron is spreading fast, the government has set more restrictions and changed the "risk level" to 4 out of 5, meaning that more restrictions might be on the way.

We had so much looked forward to see you all and have a great camp together! Until recently it also still looked possible. But unfortunately the recent developments leave us with no choice but to cancel. We are so sorry to let you all down.

We surely hope it will be possible to have a camp news year.

We wish you all Happy New Year! 



Like the previous years we are blessed with the Hvidekilde camp by Gribskov. Situated in the countryside 30km north of Copenhagen, right up to one of the largest forests in Denmark with a small village and a sawmill close by. The perfect frame to finish off the old year and start a new one together with God and each other!

During the camp we can hear classes from the Bible presented by guest speakers, sing worship songs, cook meals together, play games, take walks in the forest, learn the traditional square dance Les Lanciers etc. Often we also have a bondfire, roleplay game, painting workshop and activities for the youth. There is a lot of free time and flexibility, and there is a playground for kids on the yard. And not to forget the big party on the 31st with a nice dinner, music, Les Lanciers, traditional cake "kransekage" & champagne as well as fireworks!!

Usually about a half of the participants are from Denmark, and the other half from different countries in Europe, especially the Nordics.

If you wish to join us for the camp, eating both spiritual and physical food together, celebrating New Year as one big spiritual family, sign up under Registration. You are welcome to leave a comment if you have special needs regarding i.e. food and housing. We try to accommodate all needs, but as we have a limited numbers of smaller rooms, singles, teens and non-married students may be sleeping in dormitories. We urge you to register as soon as possible in order to increase your chance of sleeping in one of the smaller rooms. The smaller rooms will however primarily be filled by couples and families.

The price for the camp can be seen under "Payment". If you come from a less privileged country or are a student the price is lower. The price includes food, accommodation and a blast of a party. Please note that drinks during New Year's dinner (wine/soda) are not included, but can be bought at the camp. If you would like to participate only for New Year’s Evening + New Year Day (31st of December - 1st of January) a special price is possible.

How to register: Press "Registration" at the left menu and follow the guidance. Remember to fill out all fields, and make one "registration" for each person.

Please pay the full amount as soon as possible after registration. See more details on "Payment" for our bank account information. Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, it is important that you ask your bank to pay the amounts in DKK.

Transportation from Copenhagen is simple and fast. However, please note that as our camp is a bit outside Copenhagen and January 1st is a public holiday, public transportation is more scarce. 

If you have any questions please write us via "Contact Us" or call: 

Kim: +45 23653270

Ulla:  +45 22678685

Kristoffer: +45 31393123


As the previous years, you are welcome to pass this invitation (& link to this homepage) to brothers and sisters, as well as friends and family, who you want to invite along as well! Especially if you've enjoyed it as much as we have :-)


In His love,
Copenhagen Church of Christ

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